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If you are interested in a free guest post, do E-mail Us.
This is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise with our audience


How many external links can be included in a guest post?

Up to 2 links in each blog. Your blog should not contain more than 1000 words. All links we provide are do follow links.

Are any links flagged as sponsored?

No. None of the links will be flagged as sponsored. Further more, your content will be published under a real author name. This means no guest post labels too1.

Will the article be reviewed before publishing? If so, how long is the review process?

Yes, all article will be reviewed before getting published. It takes a round 2 working days to get your blog posted.
We have a very quick review process, will get to you as soon as possible2.

If the first guest post is successful, are there opportunities for ongoing collaborations or regular contributions?

Yes, we are looking to build a long term partnership with SEO consultants. If you are an editor for fashion websites. We would be more than happy to onboard you as an editor3.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Post Trade Guidelines

  1. What’s a Guest Post Trade?
    • You write an article for our website, and we write one for yours. No money involved, just an exchange of content!
  2. Original Work Only.
    • Your article must be something new, not published anywhere else. We want fresh stuff!
  3. Keep It Relevant:
    • Write about topics that fit with our website’s theme, and we’ll do the same for yours.
  4. Article Length:
    • Aim for 500 to 1000 words. Not too short, not too long!
  5. No Spammy Links:
    • You can include a few links in your article, but make sure they’re useful and relevant. No links to things like sales pages or unrelated topics.
  6. Images:
    • If you’ve got cool pictures to go with your article, send them! Just make sure you have the right to use them.
  7. Editing:
    • We might tweak your article a bit (like fixing typos). Don’t worry, we’ll keep your main points intact!
  8. Sharing is Caring:
    • Once the articles are up, let’s share them on our social media. It’s a win-win!
  9. Be Patient:
  • After you send your article, give us 2 working days . We’ll read it and let you know if we’re good to go or if we need changes.
  1. Stay Friendly:
  • If we ask for changes or decide the article isn’t a good fit, no hard feelings. Let’s keep things nice and chill!
  1. One More Thing:
  • When you write for us, you’re saying it’s okay for us to use your article on our website. And when we write for you, you have our okay to use it on yours.
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